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We will buy any collection big or small for cash, estate sales, storage lockers, we are your one stop shop!

Inherited a collection?

If you’ve inherited a collection and don’t know what to do with it we will appraise the collection and pay you cash same day!

Long time collector?

Looking to downgrade and get your space back? We are always looking to buy big collections from long time collectors!

Do you buy storage lockers?

If you get a big collection from a storage locker or estate sale we can take the whole thing off your hands and save you the headache!

Why sell to us?

So you have a collection to sell, how are you going to get your money out?


-Will you sell them by yourself one by one? 

That’s a full time job and can take months to sell an old comic book collection. You have to learn how to grade comic books, take pictures, list them on eBay, collect payments, then pack and ship, deal with unruly customers, file taxes and worst of all, deal with returns *shudders*



Yikes! What’s plan B?

-Will you walk into a comic book store and ask for an offer?

Only if you want to recieve PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, comic book stores are well known as the worst place to take your collection as they have huge overhead so they WILL rip you off.

Is there a better way? What if you need cash quickly?


That’s where we come in! Contact us with some pictures of the collection and if we are interested we will work out a fair price!


Things to keep in mind.

  1. Older titles are usually worth more but not always, 70’s and before is always the best.
  2. Condition is everything! If the book is falling apart, it is most likely better used as kindling…
  3. Most comic books are not worth very much, especially stuff from the 90’s, mass produced, mass purchased.
  4. The “key” books dictate the value of the collection, not the amount of books. Big books include first appearances of characters, major events, and sometimes deaths. One comic could be worth more than 1000!

So please contact us today and we will make sure you get the right price for your collection, check out our testimonails!

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your collection and how we can help !